about denver day

The world allegedly contains many writers and many books. And me? I am Mr. Denver Day. An actual novelist. A living author. One of so many. Am I a stereotypical hack? Well, everybody has their own creative process….and it’s true, I am a middle-aged bachelor who lives in a trailer, writes novels, and plays a steel-stringed guitar. Et cetera. But hey, I’m also a student, a parent, an athlete, and a political footnote.

Anyway, my books are of a particular niche genre…it’s pulp crime fiction. You’ve heard of it. And maybe you’re a fan? We do know our own. For various reasons, I am able to render a plot of plausible criminal procedural. One of those reasons is this: there was a time in my past when I chased ambulances as a beat writer for a local newspaper. There were also times, even longer ago, when people in uniforms chased me for being a smart-mouthed, disrespectful, punk kid. And that I was, truly. Now I understand, the man has won. The man always wins, always won, always knew he would, and always will. In so losing, I’ve been colored in ways that don’t fade.

Therefore these books aren’t cozy. If you’re easily offended, or politically correct, you’ll hate them. The coarse language will embarrass and frighten you and serve to increase your certainty that the world is full of monsters. Actually, you’d be right about the monsters, no matter how “politically correct” you think you are. Otherwise, you might get a frank perspective of drug abuse, or sex trafficking, or werewolves, or forensic science which you hadn’t expected to learn. These stories are works of fiction, but they are set in worlds as real as rain, little buddy.

These are the novels I’ve written (so far), and novel they are. The books are unique literary droppings which have escaped the sieve of my 43-year-old brainpan. The first few stories take place in the eyes of a statutory law enforcement officer. Those are the Pizza Noir books (watch out for questionably constructed, yet always delicious werewolves in that series).

In other news, Hipster Bricks: A Philosophical Novel, of which I am probably the most proud so far, and, which is probably the most offensive to the greatest number of people, is my most mature literary effort to-date. Better or worse, its every sentence has a soul. H. Bricks has none of the bubble gum and fantasy, but all of the pensive, if harsh, considerations. It is narrated by the statutory criminal. The intent is to compel thinking by thinkers.

My next book is of the working title “The Only Game In Town,” and I’ll try to hurry…

~Denver Day is an author whose day-job career began as a police beat reporter for a small daily newspaper. He grew as a writer, and along the way, Mr. Day realized the truth can be better shown through fiction. Not always but often.