the voice of denver day

Hipster Bricks

A Philosophical Novel

Point blank with a continental drifter.

Hey, why don’t you go take a ride. And while you’re at it, take a hard look at the ethical gray areas of life’s highways. Why don’t you question the limits of individual free will, and try to plot the moral high ground. Gather ’round and haggle with the hegemons of sex, death, and truth.

So get in the car.

Alpha Taxonomy

Pizza Noir #2

Protagonist gets on the wagon. More murder, more rain, more cops. More werewolves!

Catch As Catch Can

Pizza Noir #1

Pizza Noir is a series of novellas written after a boilerplate crime-on-deadline fashion, fast and messily on a manual typewriter, without pulling any punches for descriptions of blood, sex, ruin, prostitution, drug abuse, hopelessness, or the law of the sea.

So cut the lights, have a cold cup of coffee, and wish for weather. Caution: contains bad words and bloody murder.

Pie In The Sky

Pizza Noir #3

The werewolves are back again. This time they’re fueled by crack, colluding with landgoing sharks, and forcing police on the American West Coast further into existentialist crises. The weather’s the same with a few new characters and the luckiest of old favorites.